This software package implements an interface between the Haskell programming language and the MICO CORBA implementation. It allows Haskell programmers to write CORBA clients and servers in Haskell. It defines a language mapping from the IDL language used by CORBA to Haskell. It contains an IDL-TO-Haskell compiler which generates the necessary stub and skeleton routines from the IDL files.

The original version of this software was written in Clean as my Master's thesis. This package is inspired by Combat (formerly tclMico), which is a TCL-MICO interface program. Being the result of a thesis means that it is incomplete and emphasis was put on simplicity of implementation instead of performance.

The current version only works with MICO, but it is possible to port it to other ORBs. A port to ORBacus is partly done.

SourceForge project page

Releases of the software are available from the SourceForge project page.


More documentation is available from the README file in the distribution.

Current Status and Future Plans

This package is not very actively developed, I work on it for fun when I have some free time.


Please send comments, suggestions and bug reports to me. I'm especially looking for a name for this project!

Zoltan Varga.

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